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This website uses information supplied from the AAO-HNS.


Dr. Michael Villano CASCADE ENT: Ear, Nose and Throat - Head and Neck Surgery
This website uses information supplied from the AAO-HNS.

  • Your Nose: The Guardian of Your Lungs
    Why is your nose important? How does it protect your lungs?

  • Stuffy Nose
    Nasal congestion, stuffiness, or obstruction to nasal breathing is one of humanity's oldest and most common complaints. While it may be a mere nuisance to some, to others it is a source of considerable discomfort and may detract from quality of life.

  • Post-nasal Drip
    The glands in your nose and throat continually produce mucus (one to two quarts a day!). Mucus moistens and cleans the nasal membranes, humidifies air, traps and clears inhaled foreign matter, and fights infection.

  • Nosebleeds
    Insight into care and prevention of epistaxis (nosebleeds).

  • Surgery of the Nose
    Each year thousands of people undergo surgery of the nose. Nasal surgery, also known as "Rhinoplasty," may be performed for cosmetic purposes or as a combination procedure to improve both form and function. To learn more about Rhinoplasty, go to VillanoMD.com. (See before and after photos.)


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