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Per requirement of the Oregon Health Authority and the Deschutes County Health Department Incidence Command Team, our office is currently closed. All nonessential health services are suspended until further notice.

If you are experiencing a health emergency and require immediate assistance, please dial 911. If you have a fever, are experiencing flu-like symptoms, or are experiencing shortness of breath, please contact your primary care provider or call the St. Charles Health System/Deschutes County Public Health COVID-19 information line at 541-699-5109.

If you need immediate assistance with a health concern specific to Ear, Nose, & Throat, please dial 541-312-1145 and press 6 to reach the answering service/doctor-on-call. If you wish to be contacted to schedule an appointment once our office has reopened, press 0 and leave your name and a contact number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We, alongside the St. Charles Health System, the Deschutes County Health Department, the Oregon Health Authority, Centers for Disease Control, and World Health Organization, take our role as public health educator very seriously. Our office closure is in place to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, and minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our community and our loved ones. We encourage you to stay informed and follow recommendations extended by our health providers community. We very much appreciate your support during this difficult time.


Dr. Michael E. Villano
CASCADE ENT: Ear, Nose and Throat - Head and Neck Surgery

Welcome to the website for Cascade ENT, Dr. Michael E. Villano, double board certified surgeon specializing in head and neck surgery and pediatric and adult ear, nose and throat patient care. Dr. Villano draws ear, nose, and throat patients from throughout the Central Oregon area because of his outstanding reputation for advanced and specialized treatments. Cascade ENT was founded to provide optimal ENT medical care to patients in the face of a changing medical environment. Our state-of-the-art facility offers the highest level of care and advanced treatment equipment.

Our website offers information on the various areas of ear, nose and throat medical and surgical care that Dr. Villano and his staff specialize in. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at 541/312-1145. For more contact information visit our "contact us" page. For information on general office hours, location and directions and insurance payment information visit our "about us" page.

ENT Patient Registration Forms. Complete your registration forms prior to your office visit.

Billing Questions. 541/312-1145
Nursing Questions or Prescription Refills. 541/312-1145

*If you would like us to call you to set up an appointment, please send us an email at: appointments@cascadeent.com with your name and phone number. We will call you back within two business days.

Michael E. Villano, MD, FACS
Board Certified Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Michael E Villano, MD - Board Certified
Michael E. Villano MD, FACS
The key to successful treatment lies in the expertise and experience of the physician. Dr. Michael E. Villano has over twenty years of training and practice behind him. Dr Villano is double board certified, trained in administering medical and surgical care specific to the patient's head, neck and face. Dr. Villano has further defined his training as a specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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ENT Patient Registration Forms. Complete your registration forms prior to your office visit.


Michael E. Villano, MD, FACS Specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat - Head and Neck Surgery
431 NE Revere Ave Suite 100, Bend, Oregon 97701 541/312-1145
Michael E. Villano, MD, FACS Ear Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery in Central Oregon
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Michael Villano, MD, FACS Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon - 431 NE Revere Ave Suite 100, Bend, Oregon 97701
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